Crowns, Bridges & Veneers In Toowoomba

Crowns, Bridges & Veneers in Toowoomba

Your smile is one of your most impressive assets. It is what people notice most about your face when they meet or greet you, and it allows you to eat and enjoy all of the foods you love.

Ageing, physical trauma, decay or other health conditions can cause damage to your teeth and supporting structures, often reaching levels that require reconstruction, restoration or cosmetic work.

At Access Dental Services in Toowoomba, we want to help you restore your pearly whites to their natural state, helping you chew, eat and smile with the confidence you deserve.


Sometimes referred to as a “cap”, dental crowns are often an effective way to rebuild teeth that are broken, decayed or have had a filling or root canal removed. Crowns are a permanent and reliable cover that fits over your existing tooth. Made from highly durable materials, crowns mimic the look, feel and appearance of your natural teeth.


As the name suggests, a dental bridge is used to “bridge” or fill in gaps in your pearly whites that may arise from one or more missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause remaining teeth to shift out of place, and cause issues with the ability to chew, eat and even speak. Bridges are attached to adjoining teeth utilized as an anchor to fill in the “gap” in-between with false prosthetic teeth.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are a permanent corrective dental prosthetic often utilized for cosmetic reasons. Dental veneers are placed over your existing teeth to enhance the overall shape, form, color, and function of your teeth. They are thin, semi-translucent shells developed from porcelain and are a fast and effective way to enhance your smile.

Quick Overview of Differences

Dental Crowns

  • Used to restore damaged or broken teeth
  • Cover up the existing tooth with a porcelain “cap”
  • Used for both cosmetic and restorative purposes

Dental Bridge

  • Used to replace or fill in the gap where missing teeth used to reside
  • Can be filled with either implants or crowns
  • Employed for restorative or cosmetic reasons

Dental Veneer

  • Utilizes a thin porcelain coat to brighten and reshape teeth
  • Primarily utilized for cosmetic purposes

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